The best way to createdemand for your project

Powered by community donations, CoinWalls helps build buy support for early and low-volume cryptocurrencies

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With CoinWalls, we create buy support with no selling. All donations to a project create infinite buy demand with trustless coin burning verified on the blockchain. More community donations creates stronger buying pressure!

A better way to send money.

Create perpetual demand for your crypto project.

Increase buy volume and price support the right way.

Best fundraise your project will ever do.

Community or founder fundraise that pays forever.

How Does It Work?

Register your project

All projects can register one or more pairs for free

Deposit ETH or USDC

Donations can come from founders or the community

All deposits are invested

Liquidity Pools, Staking, Active investment

Generate Buy Pressure

Profits go towards buying and burning coins - all donations remain untouched

Trustless Coin Burning

All coin burns are independently verifiable on the blockchain

Perpetual Coin Support

Since only excess coins are burned, we create continual buy pressure.

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